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Prairie Kitchen Club

Welcome to the Prairie Kitchen. My name is Keira and I am the face behind the Prairie Kitchen Club. I am a wife, a mother of 3 (all of them teenagers), with a passion for cooking great food. I have been a baker, bus driver, event planner, food blogger and quilter. All of these have led me to the Prairie Kitchen!

This is so much more than just a meal club, it is a family. I love getting to know all of the members. We enjoy catching up on our busy lives on our pick up days. I look forward to hearing from all of the members about new recipes, what they liked, and sharing tips and stories of our lives. It is easy to become friends when it is about food and of course, family.

This club started as just a mom trying to get dinner on the table, without having to order take out. As my kids grew older and got busier it became evident that I would have to pre-make some of our meals and freeze them to use on those busy nights. I started cooking several meals every couple of weeks and freezing them.

This worked so well, I started having friends wanting to do the same thing. I quickly realized that if we could buy in bulk it would be cheaper for us all. This has grown to the Club that we have now.

Meals pre-made, ready for your fridge or freezer to use when you want. All of the meals are tasted and tested by my family. I try very hard to have all the meals be very family friendly, after all they are for my family too .

Since the Club has grown so much I have been trying to keep up. My home has a second kitchen that is licensed as a commercial kitchen. Please know that I have always prepared all the food under the procedures and policies of the health department.

I have been following the same food handling guidelines as any food service establishment. However do kow that there are nuts and wheat in use in my kitchen.

This Club is for all of us and I would love to hear from the members. Requests are always encouraged and ideas for new meals are appreciated.

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